Installing the exhibition 

Karl had placed me in the corridor and I think this made my poster on the floor more effective as people would see it as they walked though the corridor. I had trouble deciding how I was going to display the stickers as I wasn’t sure if people would take them. I therefore divided that peeling the corner of each sticker would encourage people to take them. I placed the rest of the stickers on the shelf along with the phone cases so that they could be taken once the ones off the wall where gone. Screen printing on the floor was difficult as I had to wait until last minutiae so that I would not be in the way of people putting up their work. I therefor was not sure if I would have enough time if anything went wrong. I was also questioning weather I should allow people to walk on the poster as it may scratch off as it is only printed with acrylic based paint so that it would come off. I decided that people should as it makes it more interactive and more like how I would like it to be displayed in public. 


Experimentation with colour FMP

I experimented with different colour combinations to see which stood out the most to the public. I was limited in the number of colours i could use in one poster as i was going to screen print the final version. I found that it was best to have the darker colours as the people and the lighter colour as the background as this meant you could see the pattern of people better. I asked my friends which one they preferred and they said they liked the original with blue and pink, although the blue and red one stood out the most. I also liked the red as it suggest a warning and the danger of over consumption of mobile phones. 

I decided that with a white band at the bottom of the page this meant the statistics where more legible and this would therefore be more effective. 

Sticker and Infographics Development

using information that i found in this article i created ideas for stickers that would be aimed at parents to stop there children spending so much time on social media. The advantages of stickers is that they therefore sped the information to places that i would not be able to reach as people can take them away.alll babys  copy.jpg

karl told me that the shape reminded him of beer mats and that might be an effective way of spreading the information as the information would be aimed at parents.