Research FMP

looking at different patters i wanted to see how i could improve on my pattern and i concluded that maybe i should add more colour and maybe more detail. I spoke to Elaine and have booked a screen printing session next Monday so I can decide my final idea by then. using screen print means that i will have no tonal elements and limited colours so I need to keep this in mind when finalising my idea.


FMP Development

I thought a good way of combining the tree ideas that i have would be to use info graphics so I tried to combine the three ideas i have using the same style. I looked at Olli Bird’s illustrations : as inspiration for the illustrations, and edited them on illustrator.

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Research FMP

During my Review with claire She gave me some links to look at as she is also interested in.

  • is a video showing the difference in the way children play in different generations since the invention of screens, social media and mobile phones.

  •  tries to educate parents on why children shouldn’t go on hand held devices  until the age of 12.
  • This made me think that i could possibly educate parents on the dangers
  • however I already have 3 main ideas that i want to convey and have to link them together so i think that adding extra may be too much for the amount of time.
  • Although some of the facts might be usefull.


Claire also told me to look into some info graphics which made me decide that i might  want to include shocking facts to prove my point.

Research FMP

I was thinking of ideas to make my campaign more interactive and effective, and thought of maybe having something you can take away with you to remind yourself to reduce your time on social media. I thought of maybe having a sticker that you put on your phone so that when you see it you are reminded to not pick it up.


Research FMP

Slavomier is a web and user designer who created this awareness campaign. He uses the text and format of the prevention text on cigaret packets to show how addictive social media can be. It is also damaging to metal health as users can become depresses, constantly comparing them selfs  to filtered and stages images on social media such as facebook twitter and Instagram.