Phone cases 

I asked my peers which phone cases thy thought where more eye catching and more effective, and the majority said the ones with the blue background. I also thing this one is more effective as it makes the pattern seem more continuous And more professional 


Experimentation with colour FMP

I experimented with different colour combinations to see which stood out the most to the public. I was limited in the number of colours i could use in one poster as i was going to screen print the final version. I found that it was best to have the darker colours as the people and the lighter colour as the background as this meant you could see the pattern of people better. I asked my friends which one they preferred and they said they liked the original with blue and pink, although the blue and red one stood out the most. I also liked the red as it suggest a warning and the danger of over consumption of mobile phones. 

I decided that with a white band at the bottom of the page this meant the statistics where more legible and this would therefore be more effective. 

Development FMP

I showed my try out posters to karl and he told me that I should try and split the poster into thirds to make a more comprehendible poster so I experimented in different ways of presenting the elements that I already have.

I need to decided that the lighter colour in the background is better so that the figures can become more obvious. I also like the white band at the bottom of the page as it makes the stat stand out more.


Refection and Progression FMP

During my tutorial with Clair she told me that she preferred the previous pattern that i had made, and i agree due to the more detail in the clothing. She then explained how to create a pattern on illustrator by adding a swatch which made it easer for me to create an idea of what my poster could start to look like. samples for look up copy


I took colour inspiration from the kings of convenience as I thought the colours worked well together as they are quite contrasting in tone.

FMP Development

In mu sketchbook I experimented trying to find different visual ways of conveying my message. during  my review with karl we identified that I have three ideas; 1st the symbols of social media eating the brain; 2nd the swirling phones around heads and 3rd people withe bent backs looking down with the words look up. I need to figure out a way to combine these elements or home down on which design i will use for my final poster.

Reflection and evaluation narrative project

For my final Narative the story was of a cactus who was sad because no one wanted to give him a hug, he then decided to run away, out of the greenhouse and finds friends, the rose, the rake and the thistle. I cut out the characters to enable them to move and create a 3d element. I tried and used the colour pink in the background as i thought the colour worked well with the green as they are contrasting colours, however this idea did not work well as i though there was too much going on considering the variety of greens going on in the plants.

I then made a short trial animation using an app on my phone using stop motion. this was the first ever time i had used stop motion and therefor it took a while to get used to. My overall video was a bit blurry in places, with my fingers showing in some of the frames. This was due to my rushing of the completion of the project. i think if i was to do this project again i would have left more time to complete the stop motion. I might have also tried to make the scene 3d within a box, with different layers.

Overall i think the characters in this project where successful, however this was because i spent so much of my time experimenting with character development. This therefore meant i have little time to develop my story further and my final outcome was not as slick as i would have liked it to be.