Reflection and evaluation narrative project

For my final Narative the story was of a cactus who was sad because no one wanted to give him a hug, he then decided to run away, out of the greenhouse and finds friends, the rose, the rake and the thistle. I cut out the characters to enable them to move and create a 3d element. I tried and used the colour pink in the background as i thought the colour worked well with the green as they are contrasting colours, however this idea did not work well as i though there was too much going on considering the variety of greens going on in the plants.

I then made a short trial animation using an app on my phone using stop motion. this was the first ever time i had used stop motion and therefor it took a while to get used to. My overall video was a bit blurry in places, with my fingers showing in some of the frames. This was due to my rushing of the completion of the project. i think if i was to do this project again i would have left more time to complete the stop motion. I might have also tried to make the scene 3d within a box, with different layers.

Overall i think the characters in this project where successful, however this was because i spent so much of my time experimenting with character development. This therefore meant i have little time to develop my story further and my final outcome was not as slick as i would have liked it to be.



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