Narrative project idea develop

Scan 83Scan 87I decided to experiment with the faces of the cacti, trying to decide the level of realism appropriate for the narrative. During my meeting with Karl he told me to decide wether the plants in the story will have personalities connected to their appearance, for example the cactus would be unpleasant because they are spikey.

I experimented with different story lines, with multiple outcomes, for example one idea was that the cactus would cry because no one wanted to give him a hug, and therefore it would flood and then he would make friends with a puffa fish. I decided against this as i wanted to stick with the plant in a greenhouse theme.

I decided to give the pants a relatively human-like face as it was easier to portray emotion. My final story line will be a cactus who decided to run away because no one else will gave him a hug because of his spikes. he then finds other spikey objects in the garden; a rose, a hedgehog, a thistle and a rake.



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