Evaluation of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum project

IMG_3264.JPGDuring this Project  had the chance to explore and experiment on Adobe Illustrator to create my play cards. I believe this process went smoothly, however if I Knew Illustrator better I might of created a more exciting final product.

Another set back other than not knowing the full extent of Adobe illustrator was the time, and if i was to do this project again i would have spent more time on drawing out the images of both the animals and their skeletons in more detail, or maybe in a more stylistic way.  One thing that i would also change if i was to do the project again would be that i would not spend so much time on drawing out detailed drawings of the Reindeer and the Tapir, although this helped me realise that drawing out all animals in such detail was unrealistic and too ambitious.

One thing that I thought worked well in the project was the coloured background and colour of the animals as this gives the child a clue to the matching skeleton, as they are colour coordinated. The colour also adds to the playfulness of the game and makes it more child friendly, on comparison to my original detailed drawings. If i had more time on this project i would also spend more time on creating a more slick box for the cards to fit.


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