Book Cover Research

during my research for creating a book cover i read the plot summery of a few books on the list, and the author Zadie smith caught my eye as her stories focus on  “Britain’s relationships with people from formerly colonised countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean”. I though this was relevant to today especially after Brexit. the books i think i am going to focus on are…

white teeth:

“The story mixes pathos and humour while illustrating the dilemmas of immigrants and their offspring as they are confronted by a new, different society. Contrasted in the setting of a different host culture, disparate aspects of non-British cultures emerge. Middle-and working-class British cultures are also satirised through the characters of the Chalfens and Archie.” – wikipedia

on beauty:

the main themes are… black identity,  Appearance, beauty and class.

“On Beauty centres on the story of two families and their different, yet increasingly intertwined, lives. The Belsey family consists of university professor Howard, a white Englishman, his African-American wife Kiki, and their children Jerome, Zora and Levi, living in the fictional university town of Wellington, outside Boston. Howard’s professional nemesis is Monty Kipps, a Trinidadian living in Britain with his wife Carlene and children Victoria and Michael.

The Belsey family has always defined itself as liberal and atheist, and Howard in particular is furious when his son Jerome, a newly born-again Christian, goes to work as an intern with the ultra-conservative Christian Kipps family over his summer holidays. After a failed affair with Victoria Kipps, Jerome returns home. However, the families are brought into proximity again nine months later when the Kippses move to Wellington, and Monty begins work at the university.

Carlene and Kiki become friends despite the tensions between their families. Rivalry between Monty and Howard increases as Monty challenges the liberal attitudes of the university on issues such as affirmative action. His academic success also highlights Howard’s inadequacies and failure to publish a long-awaited book. Meanwhile, the Belsey family is facing problems of its own, as they deal with the fallout of Howard’s affair with his colleague and family friend Claire.

Zora and Levi both become friends with Carl, an African-American man of a poorer background than their own middle-class lifestyle. Zora uses him as a poster child for her campaign to allow talented non-students in university classes. For Levi, Carl is a source of identity, as a member of a more “authentic” black culture than Levi considers his own background to be.” – wikipedia


“Set in the northwest of London, England, four locals—Leah Hanwell, Natalie (née Keisha) Blake, Felix Cooper, and Nathan Bogle—try to make adult lives outside of Caldwell, the working-class council estate where they grew up. While Leah has not managed to venture far from her childhood location, her best friend Natalie, now a successful, self-made barrister, lives in an affluent neighbourhood in a Victorian-style house. Despite their friendship and history, the two women find that they are very different from each other socio-economically. Meanwhile, a chance encounter brings Felix and Nathan together. Leah is the focus of a lower working class life in comparison to Natalie who represents the small higher working class.”- wikipedia

I was drawn to these plot lines as i like the themes that prevalent in all. I also thought the theme of racial discrimination and segregation that i resent in all three books might be a good way of linking all the book covers together as our final outcome should all look connected.


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