Glasgow and Edinburgh 

Dying my tour of Edinburgh university I went to the art (painting , intermedia,sculpture and photography) talk. They have 450-509 students and 45 staff and I would be expected to join in secon year because I will have done a foundation. I really liked the course and the space they have available however I am still not sure weather I would like to do sonething more design based, and if I applied to do art it would probably be painting. I also liked the idea that you could do 60 credits in another subject as I would be interested to do history of art. Out of interest I looked around the jewelry and silversmithing workshop and it looked really interesting I also went to the talk and it looks like a good talk, however I’m don’t think that I would be interested in doing it for a degree but it is nice that they have the facilities that other subjects can use. I was really interested in the iuulstation course dispite there only being 12 people in a year as the work the student where doing looked really interesting. I also really liked there studio space and the whole of the design building. During the talk they have some useful tips for portpholio preparation 

I didn’t not go to Glasgow on an open day, however a friend who goes there showed me around the studio space. The building with the design student in was really impressive with lots of space and good interaction. However the workspace for the art students was not as nice as in Edinburgh. Dispit this I really liked the city and I think I will consider applying there 


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