vis com Jerusalem review

During this project i struggled to display the city of jerusalem as both a touristic destination and a place of conflict in just four small postcards. my final outcomes of the postcards includes a mixture of displaying specific destinations, such as the wailing wall, and playing with the words “the holiest city in the world” to give connotations of both the conflict going on in Jerusalem, and the  cultural richness of the city. for me i found it difficult specifically with the text only postcard, as i did not know how to make the postcard interesting by just using text. i decided to use bright colours to give a slightly cheesy feel which juxtaposes the more sinister second meaning to the words “the holiest city in the world”. I used adobe illustrator for this as i wanted to explore different media and i think that if i knew how to work the programme better then i could have made both the postcard and the ad campaign more visually interesting.

if i had more time on this project i would have liked to explore more for the illustration postcard as i only did a few sketches before deciding the final postcard. i would have also spent less time on making the research sheet as it was only photos and information, with none of my own work.IMG_0864.JPGIMG_0867.JPGIMG_0868.JPGIMG_0870.JPGIMG_0865.JPGIMG_0869.JPG


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