Costume Design review

I chose Boudica as my character to make a costume for this project. we where told to research our character and i found out that she was the queen of a celtic tribe in AD 60/61 who lead against the romans. She had a tough past with her daughters being raped and her being flogged due to the takeover of her land after her fathers death. i therefor though this would make her a tough female figure.


i struggled to find a Si-fi film to put my charecter into as i didn’t want to pick a film with similar costumes that Boudica would have worn in reality. i therefor looked at strong women characters in films and found The Matrix as a good option as the costumes where nothing like those that she would have worn back in 60AD IMG_0858.JPGi realise this made in hard for myself as the costumes are so minimal in The matrix, with simple black leather clothing, and I therefore struggled to combine the two and make a plausible costume. however i looked at different costume designers that might give me inspiration such as colleen Atwood who uses a lot armour in her costumes. I also likes Jenny Beavan’s costumes for Mad Max as they are a little more rustic and look more worn.img_0857

Experimenting with the mannequin and using materials i found at the junk store i tried to combine both the black leather of The Matrix costumes and the white dress that Boudica is often represented in. I wanted also to add elements of the colour blue as the celts often wore blue war paint. IMG_0860.JPG

i decided that i should design an undergarment to go underneath a black leather coat, as most of the charecter wear in the film and that way i could have references to both sources.

if i had more time on this project i would experiment more with the layout of my sheets before sticking them down as i am not happy with some of them. i would also spend more time drawing and experimenting on paper with different designs rather than using photos.



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