“Wish you where here” Research/ review

img_0127I was given Jerusalem as my place to advertise and  create new postcards using typography, collage, illustration and graphics.

During my research i found it hard to home down on specific events in the history of jerusalem or Israel, such as conflicts between israelis and Palestinians, that i could work with. Therefore decided that taking a political root with my postcard would be difficult and not effective and started looking into broader ideas about the city such as the religious buildings and cultural value that the city has that would attract tourists.

During this research I decided that using the four main religious quarters of the city could be an angle that i could use in my postcards to condense the city down into one small postcard. I found useful information in the following website: http://www.planetware.com/jerusalem/armenian-quarter-isr-jr-jaq.htm where it lists different touristic attractions in different quarters of Jerusalem.

my next step was to find a style and a means to convey my ideas in my postcards my looking at different artists, illustrators and graphic designers


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